General Services

Wellness Check

Similar to a health screening, wellness exam evaluates your pet's overall health. We conduct a physical examination and inquire about your pet's behaviour, diet, and lifestyle patterns and address any concerns you may have.

Comprehensive Check

A comprehensive exam is for a sick pet or a pet with any symptoms such as, but not limited to, limping, ear issues, stomach issues or dermatology issues. More time is needed for the doctor to discuss the possible causes of the issues and run any diagnostics that may need to be done.

Vaccinations & Preventive Care

Pet preventive care is mainly medical measures taken to prevent diseases. This typically includes vaccinations, heartworm preventatives and tick/flea control. It involves the use of products that can be administered to proactively ward off diseases down the road.

Parasite Control

A parasite is an organism that resides on or within your pet, sustaining itself by feeding on your pet. Prevention is widely regarded as the most effective method to safeguard your pet, often proving more cost-effective than treating an already infected pet.